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Welcome to Say Cheeeese, your one-stop shop for capturing unforgettable memories under the Cretan sun. Founded in 2015, we’ve become a leading name in island photography, with headquarters in both Heraklion and Rethymnon.

Our team of passionate photographers specializes in creating stunning visuals that tell the story of your special moments in Crete. Whether you’re celebrating a dream wedding, cherishing precious family time, or embarking on a romantic adventure, we’ll capture the essence of your experience with creativity and flair.
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Your Story, Beautifully Framed

Relax and enjoy your vacation – we take care of the picture-perfect memories. We’re conveniently located within various 5-star hotels across Crete, with kiosks easily accessible near reception areas. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer your questions and provide quotes for your personalized photography session.

Our expertise extends beyond breathtaking backdrops. We capture genuine connections, the joy of discovery, and the quiet moments of reflection that make your vacation truly unique. From adventurous hikes to romantic sunsets, we’ll ensure your photos perfectly encapsulate the magic of your Cretan escape.
Beyond amazing visuals, we curate experiences. Imagine strolling hand in hand through charming villages or picture yourselves embracing the golden light of a secluded cove with the crystal-clear Aegean Sea lapping at your feet. These are the moments we translate into photographs, capturing not just the scenery, but the emotions that make your adventure in Crete unforgettable.

Location Variety

While we excel at utilizing the best spots within your hotel – from stunning pools and elegant interiors to beautifully landscaped gardens – we also venture beyond the walls to capture the breathtaking landscapes that define Crete. Imagine romantic walks on pristine beaches, laughter echoing amidst majestic mountains, or the vibrant energy of a local village – all transformed into timeless photographs.

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